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iPod Dock Hidden Camera

iPod Dock Hidden Camera

What appears to be an everyday iPod dock contains a covert video camera and 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter. Fully functional, you can charge and play music from the iPod Nano, Classic, Touch or Mini.

Choose from 3 Different Camera Options: RCA Wireless, USB Wireless, USB Wireless Night Vision

If you already have a DVR, a means to record video, or don't need to record the video then this is the perfect hidden camera for you. Choose one of the wireless models that streams the video footage through the air up to 450 feet away (line of sight) to an RCA or USB receiver. With the RCA model you can wirelessly stream everything the camera sees to a TV, VCR, or DVR.

The USB versions let you stream the footage to your Windows computer for recording or streaming over the internet. The included software turns your PC into a DVR, capturing full color video constantly or based on motion. Choose the USB option that's right for you. If you're recording in a room that's consistently well lit, choose the full color option. If the room is dark, or has changing lighting conditions, choose the infrared night vision model, which will capture crisp video in even a pitch black room..

Note: The included USB receiver will only receive signal from ONE digital source at a time. Operation of multiple digital covert cameras requires separate receivers for each unit.

Now Available with Internal DVR

The new-and-improved iPod dock hidden camera is now SD card compatible. Insert an SD card and save all of your covert recordings for later review on any computer. This hidden camera can take up to a 32GB SD card (sold separately), which can store up to 16 hours of high-resolution video.

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