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Mini Snake Camera

Mini Snake Camera

Great for Recording Footage in Tight Spaces

Snake this tiny camera into the perfect position quickly and easily to see and hear behind doors or in hard-to-reach spaces. This tiny, flexible camera has a built-in, high-quality Sony CCD image sensor. The Snake Camera is small enough to fit between a bookcase and the wall or above a door (indoors) for an aerial view. Slip the camera under a door or behind a wall to see what's happening inside.

Why the Snake Cam?
Small and flexible enough to fit almost anywhere
Capable of real-time monitoring or recording to a DVR
Records video in low light (as low as 1 Lux)
The Mini Snake Camera can be paired with virtually any monitor or handheld DVR. Connect the RCA cable to a monitor or recording device, plug it into a power supply (not included), and view or record full-color video with audio just about anywhere.

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