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Motorola EX223

Motorola EX223

Motorola EX223 small form fine cause, lightweight fashion; dual card dual standby feature, allowing you to switch back and two SIM cards to match the different cell phone service plan, always close to the social networks of friends and relatives far away living in a different space, well aware of the dynamic . Motorola la EX223 also have touch screen and QW ERTY key set two input modes, and support Chinese handwriting input, allowing you to either reply to SMS, handling documents or update your social network status can be heart operation.

Motorola EX223 small clever thin, body thickness of only 9.9 mm, with a 2.4-inch touch screen; and QWE RTYkeyboard and touch screen with a 50:50 symmetrical design, the mobile operator is more comfortable. MotorolaEX223 is equipped with five one main page interface and a variety of topics, you can easily convert with different life situations, and through the built- Fac ebook and Tw itter and other social networking sites link to fully grasp the social network, creating a new mobile lifestyle.

Motorola EX223 with Beisan megapixels camera to capture all your wonderful pieces of life, memory capacity expandable up to 32G B , regardless of audio music, video, or document and other files, can be loaded to the phone. Motorola EX223 Bluetooth stereo audio, with stereo radio and support for U SB 2.0 high-speed transmission and all kinds of music and video formats, features more complete, dual card dual standby mobile phone another milestone.

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