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NavMan S30 3D

NavMan S30 3D

Tthe Navman S30 3D features major landmarks, rendered in stunning three-dimensional graphics, making your journey much easier to read.

The S30 3D also connects to Local Search via your PC, where you can upload local information on interesting places to visit, including shops and services, hotels, restaurants and much more. Hidden inside its slim, stylish frame is a host of other brilliant ideas including Safety Camera alerts and an intelligent Day/Night display. The S30 3D represents a breakthrough in entry-level sat-nav.

Stylish yet affordable navigation, with:
- Stylish integrated design
- Safe, easy to use menu
- Crisp clear map display on 3.5 inch touch screen
- Preloaded Safety Camera Data - Free trial
- Up-to-date maps with Navman's iUpData
- Intelligent Day/Night display
- Preinstalled Regional Map

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